This is an attempt to gather the different resources prospective graduate philosophy applicants may find useful in the application process. My first year applying to graduate school I was not particularly successful (one unfunded offer), and I put this together, mostly, while still in the application process my second time round (though, my second time round did go much better–seven offers of admission), i.e., I may not know what I’m talking about. That said, what’s here is mostly a collection of links to what other, more knowledgable, people have to say about the process. These are resources I’ve gathered, in part, by asking other applicants and some current graduate students what they found useful and informative. Special thanks is due to maxhgns, parapraxical, redrivershore, and boundvariable, from the Who Got In forum for sharing information and links. I hope it helps!


One Response to “About”

  1. I had nearly the exact same experience. I chose to take an MA with teaching opportunities (and thus some sort of funding) where I would have the resources to fine tune my writing sample.

    I started a blog for pretty much the same reason, I was gathering all this information and figured others would find it useful. Any way, this is great stuff your posting, keep it up.

    I will move some traffic your way when you post things of interest.

    All the best,


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